Michelle reviewed the goals
Talking about what should be in the plan and how the money will be used.
Goals must be tied to academic goals and data.

Goal #1:  70% will be on grade level in the school year
Progress monitor and regulate groups using DIBELS and RLA
RISE tests given in Mathematics
Goals will be evaluated in Spring of 2020
Leveling our students paying our aides to help intensify the instruction
Addresses all aides we have hired
#2 Art Teacher /  for teachers to implement PLC
BTSA pays half and trust lands pays for the other half
Frees teachers to meet and talk about test scores, interventions work etc.
Certified teacher

Goal #3 Behavior Trauma
Behavior specialists trained in PBIS to address trauma
Use Educators handbook to collect data
Need money to help with trauma

Goal #4
Technology Goal
Need to chromebooks to help students especially grades 3-5
Rotation with district so we need money to get more.

Add a goal--- want to add choir to the budget to help-------